The newer plan

So, not long ago (only several months…) I drew a second plan drawing and accompanying task list.

The drawing.
The text.

I’ve removed the Formica table to the trash (check!), photographed and removed the walnut table to my uncle’s house (check!), worked on painting the coffee table, moved the hoses outside the house temporarily, stacked the wood, picked up the nails and screws and put them in a container, grouped the gutter pipe and fittings, and done some clearing in the outer area to even out the turf- so that we can put in a fire pit.

What’s next? Well…. I’ll have to make a new task list! ๐Ÿ™‚

Peace and Light~*

Serenity Woman


Progress + Furniture Renovation

So to some, this may appear to be backward progress, because there is More behind the door than there was last time! But notice… other than the wood crates it’s all new stuff, not anything that was previously in the shed (or my possession). What flows out makes room for new to flow in. I am happy and excited about my new projects.

The walnut table-top has found a new home with a wood-carver.ย The new furniture stash represents 4 new renovation projects, one of which is the white desk in the pictures. This desk is an antique school-desk. I removed the locking mechanism to clean the rust off of (and out of) it. Not sure yet what method I’ll be using to remove the old paint.


Task list for the table:

remove old paint

secure the front legs



clean and polish the lock

refit the lock


Soon I’ll be posting pictures of a lovingly hand-painted school-desk.

Blessed be~

Serenity Woman

Little House pt. 4.5: Ze Walnut Table

You may be wondering why exactly the Walnut Table is in three pieces. I was wondering the same thing!

I looked it over, and it seems the legs are not simply removable, but broken off from the tabletop (that explains the hideous drips of dried glue which came off with polishing). Also, there are pieces missing (I found an ebay listing for a nearly-identical table, which has bracing pieces between the legs –missing from my table. According to the ebay listing, this table was made in the 1930s). I’ve given some thought to using the beautifully carved legs in a new design, a meshing of pieces to create something new…. stay tuned!


Serenity Woman

Little House pt. 4: The Walnut Table

There is this gorgeous walnut table lurking in the back corner of the little house. Maybe you’ve seen it in previous photos. Maybe not.

Before I get into the bulk of this post (photos photos photos!) I want to apologize for all the back-dating. If I had begun this clutter-clearing blog back when I began doing the work, it would be a lot more spaced out, I realized. I don’t want anyone to think I did all this work within the span of a week! And it certainly doesn’t make sense to read a post that says “I labored for months!” when the previous post is from a day ago. Yeah. So! I back-dated. Issue resolved. All new posts are in real-time.


first of all, the ‘before’ shots to garner appreciation for my hard work polishing:

see the inner worth? I do!
Both legs, looking dusty and dry.
The underside of the table (I forgot to take an ‘after’ of this shot, just have faith- it looks Massively better now).
Eeeeyuck!!! It it so dusty it practically looks diseased. But I’m not buying that… hold on… just a minute… (scroll down)

An hour and one recycled rag/hand-towel later:

Both legs, hidin’ out behind some other stuff. Simply glowing!
one set of legs
TA-DA!!! I am really proud of this, like I birthed the wood myself. Ze table-top!

So, now we see the love that a bottle of This Stuff can give wood. Glowing, simply glowing.

~Serenity Woman