Sweeping, sweeping, sweeping

Today as I swept the steps leading down to the Little House, I meditated.

I breathed in through my nose envisioning pure white light entering my body, I breathed out through my mouth envisioning black smoke leaving my body.

I noticed what muscles I was using. Sweeping uses many different muscles.

I noticed that I sweep any time I want to make progress with the House and its development. Seeing the clean steps gives the impression to the whole place ‘this place is cared-about’ and encourages additional care to come to it.

I put the holly leaves (pointy spines and all!) in the compost pile so they return to the soil and enrich it with the nutrients the tree created over the year.

Each time I sweep, there is something to sweep. Stewardship is an important task, so that all that accumulates will be diminished gradually. Stewardship helps prevent overwhelm, makes good things possible.

Wishing you the courage to be a Steward of the Earth and of your own life.

~Serenity Woman~



So, it’s cold here! I haven’t been doing much outdoors. I decided yesterday it was high time to get some sun. Believe me, that decision was worth it! I went out into surprising 60 degree weather! Woohoo.

I raked leaves. I harvested a volunteer ivy (with an intriguing purple-red hue) and repotted it as a shrub. I walked into the little house, which smells much better right now. I turned the compost heap inside-out.


I also sat and listened. I let my eyes float from tree to leaf to bird. I felt the cool solidity of the stone underneath me. I breathed.


Blessed be.

~Serenity Woman

Cleaning [and Sneezing] and Cleaning

Nothing stops Serenity-Woman!

A couple of sneezes from my sweeping of the dust, yick, and cobwebs cannot stand in my way, and that’s for sure.

I don’t have pictures today, because really what would you want to see? The dust? The dead vines that had wormed their way in through the walls? The pail of nails I picked out from among the ‘yick’ (my affectionate term for the generalized mess mice create)?

I doubt anyone wants to see that.

The left-hand front-corner of the house is looking much clearer, though part of that is a ruse! I moved the wheelbarrow to behind the door, temporarily, so I can sweep and clean. The length of hose has been shifted outside, also temporarily, and I’m hoping for a permanent new location for it (but it’s not mine to discard). The heap of planks, I neatly piled near the door on top of the shingles. Those will have to be moved again to clean.

I began to develop a feeling that I was done with my tasks out there for the day. I respect my feelings, especially when it comes to feeling ‘done’. I strongly encourage that. Feeling stuck or not knowing where to start is an entirely different feeling, though they may be confused for the same. ‘Done’ is a combination of satisfaction that I’ve completed a task, and a willingness to move on to the next good thing to do.

Until next time~ Blessed be.

Serenity Woman


I have done a lot of work removing invasive plants, lately. The Rose of Sharon spawns a lot of fast-growing new plants… Whew. Hundreds, at least. Be warned, should you ever decide to put one in your yard. And then there’s ivy which reaches over from ‘the pit’.

Here’s photos of clear steps, a clearer ‘future-fire-pit’ area, and the side of the house which was entirely covered with vines at one point. Also, the (cleaner) lock from the table, and my gourd plant!

We’re on our way to a cozy fire-pit and a clear and easy path to the Little House. So Mote It Be.

~Serenity Woman.


Two years ago, I read a book called ‘Creating Sacred Space With Feng Shui’ by Karen Kingston. One practical step she emphasized for clearing a space is using a broom to sweep the area. She writes that a contributing factor of the positive energy on the island of Bali is the practice of the people to rise with the sun and sweep out their homes and walkways every single day. They also have parades occasionally, and ring high-quality bells, making noise to drive stagnant energy out and infuse their island with positive energy and love.

I enjoy sweeping very much. In the spiritual sense, I like the idea that my space is becoming more pure. Mentally, I like the distraction from my own thoughts and the positive reinforcement that I am doing something to help my family and my self. Physically, the changing view from dirty and cluttered, to clean and ordered shows me the difference I have made, in a tangible way.

I have been sweeping the steps which lead to ‘The Little House’ as often as I remember to do so. This has spurred me to begin sweeping the area around my family’s house, down the walkway, and the street in front. Rather than sweeping to just shift the dust around, I gather the swept material in a dustbin and put it out with yard waste.

The steps, all rights reserved to M.E. 2012

I have also been collecting the dead flowers that fall on the ground in front of the little house, to save myself the future trouble of uprooting the shrubs they would create. I like the ‘Rose of Sharon’ shrub/tree we have down there, it’s just that when all of those seeds sprout, there is no path to walk to the house. Part of the essence of feng shui is a good clear path. Movement is good! Sweeping helps me see what the next step is, in more ways than one. It uncovers new tasks, and new footholds.

I am grateful for sweeping, today.

~Serenity Woman