So Dad and I have been putting in headers on the Little House. Headers are what the new windows will hang from. Here are some photos.

The outside view: you can see that much has been done.


The headers on the front side of the house


Using wood from the wood pile….


….to keep warm by a nice fire on these cold days.


Making more progress, headers on the wall of windows overlooking ‘the pit’.


And a little-seen view of the house; this corner used to be filled with stuff! (currently that stuff is piled in a different corner)


The outside corner; some of the wood you see here will be removed to make space for the windows.


Ta-da! Well how did you like that?

Tranquility- Under Construction.

~*Serenity Woman!


The newer plan

So, not long ago (only several months…) I drew a second plan drawing and accompanying task list.

The drawing.
The text.

I’ve removed the Formica table to the trash (check!), photographed and removed the walnut table to my uncle’s house (check!), worked on painting the coffee table, moved the hoses outside the house temporarily, stacked the wood, picked up the nails and screws and put them in a container, grouped the gutter pipe and fittings, and done some clearing in the outer area to even out the turf- so that we can put in a fire pit.

What’s next? Well…. I’ll have to make a new task list! 🙂

Peace and Light~*

Serenity Woman

Little House pt. 4.5: Ze Walnut Table

You may be wondering why exactly the Walnut Table is in three pieces. I was wondering the same thing!

I looked it over, and it seems the legs are not simply removable, but broken off from the tabletop (that explains the hideous drips of dried glue which came off with polishing). Also, there are pieces missing (I found an ebay listing for a nearly-identical table, which has bracing pieces between the legs –missing from my table. According to the ebay listing, this table was made in the 1930s). I’ve given some thought to using the beautifully carved legs in a new design, a meshing of pieces to create something new…. stay tuned!


Serenity Woman

Little House pt. 3.5

Task List

Clean above the board (ceiling storage)

fix rotten boards all around

remove all ivy and dirt, clean and wash floors, etc

put up siding

wrap windows around the corner

put windows up on the rear side

stack wood pieces

hoses? use or toss

find new owner for walnut table

move coffee table (or use within the space)

garden tools- space for them

wheelbarrow- space for it

fix cement of floor

paint door outside and in

paint walls white, then mural

paint floor/bamboo mats?

run electricity to the house


plant pyrethrum and mint around the house

There’s a lot to do, as you can see. I’m sure as we keep going, there may be more still. This is an ongoing list, not all the tasks on it are able to be accomplished yet.

Little House pt. 2; The Plan

Here’s the plan I drew for the Little House! Keep in mind this is not totally accurate or to scale. Drawn Feb 9, 2012 by M.E.

The First Plan Drawing…

The task list includes (in case you can’t read my very neatest of handwritings):

Siding- New

Replace window ‘A’, or all new

Buy space-heater

Paint interior & door (Int./Ext.)


Remove tree from eaves (yes, I had forgotten about this in recent weeks but that says exactly what you think it does. We have a lot of helpful birds.)

Clear clutter & dirt



Thanks for reading~ Blessed be.

Serenity Woman