Two years ago, I read a book called ‘Creating Sacred Space With Feng Shui’ by Karen Kingston. One practical step she emphasized for clearing a space is using a broom to sweep the area. She writes that a contributing factor of the positive energy on the island of Bali is the practice of the people to rise with the sun and sweep out their homes and walkways every single day. They also have parades occasionally, and ring high-quality bells, making noise to drive stagnant energy out and infuse their island with positive energy and love.

I enjoy sweeping very much. In the spiritual sense, I like the idea that my space is becoming more pure. Mentally, I like the distraction from my own thoughts and the positive reinforcement that I am doing something to help my family and my self. Physically, the changing view from dirty and cluttered, to clean and ordered shows me the difference I have made, in a tangible way.

I have been sweeping the steps which lead to ‘The Little House’ as often as I remember to do so. This has spurred me to begin sweeping the area around my family’s house, down the walkway, and the street in front. Rather than sweeping to just shift the dust around, I gather the swept material in a dustbin and put it out with yard waste.

The steps, all rights reserved to M.E. 2012

I have also been collecting the dead flowers that fall on the ground in front of the little house, to save myself the future trouble of uprooting the shrubs they would create. I like the ‘Rose of Sharon’ shrub/tree we have down there, it’s just that when all of those seeds sprout, there is no path to walk to the house. Part of the essence of feng shui is a good clear path. Movement is good! Sweeping helps me see what the next step is, in more ways than one. It uncovers new tasks, and new footholds.

I am grateful for sweeping, today.

~Serenity Woman


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