Little House pt. 4: The Walnut Table

There is this gorgeous walnut table lurking in the back corner of the little house. Maybe you’ve seen it in previous photos. Maybe not.

Before I get into the bulk of this post (photos photos photos!) I want to apologize for all the back-dating. If I had begun this clutter-clearing blog back when I began doing the work, it would be a lot more spaced out, I realized. I don’t want anyone to think I did all this work within the span of a week! And it certainly doesn’t make sense to read a post that says “I labored for months!” when the previous post is from a day ago. Yeah. So! I back-dated. Issue resolved. All new posts are in real-time.


first of all, the ‘before’ shots to garner appreciation for my hard work polishing:

see the inner worth? I do!
Both legs, looking dusty and dry.
The underside of the table (I forgot to take an ‘after’ of this shot, just have faith- it looks Massively better now).
Eeeeyuck!!! It it so dusty it practically looks diseased. But I’m not buying that… hold on… just a minute… (scroll down)

An hour and one recycled rag/hand-towel later:

Both legs, hidin’ out behind some other stuff. Simply glowing!
one set of legs
TA-DA!!! I am really proud of this, like I birthed the wood myself. Ze table-top!

So, now we see the love that a bottle of This Stuff can give wood. Glowing, simply glowing.

~Serenity Woman


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