Little House pt. 4: The Walnut Table

There is this gorgeous walnut table lurking in the back corner of the little house. Maybe you’ve seen it in previous photos. Maybe not.

Before I get into the bulk of this post (photos photos photos!) I want to apologize for all the back-dating. If I had begun this clutter-clearing blog back when I began doing the work, it would be a lot more spaced out, I realized. I don’t want anyone to think I did all this work within the span of a week! And it certainly doesn’t make sense to read a post that says “I labored for months!” when the previous post is from a day ago. Yeah. So! I back-dated. Issue resolved. All new posts are in real-time.


first of all, the ‘before’ shots to garner appreciation for my hard work polishing:

see the inner worth? I do!
Both legs, looking dusty and dry.
The underside of the table (I forgot to take an ‘after’ of this shot, just have faith- it looks Massively better now).
Eeeeyuck!!! It it so dusty it practically looks diseased. But I’m not buying that… hold on… just a minute… (scroll down)

An hour and one recycled rag/hand-towel later:

Both legs, hidin’ out behind some other stuff. Simply glowing!
one set of legs
TA-DA!!! I am really proud of this, like I birthed the wood myself. Ze table-top!

So, now we see the love that a bottle of This Stuff can give wood. Glowing, simply glowing.

~Serenity Woman


Little House pt. 3.5

Task List

Clean above the board (ceiling storage)

fix rotten boards all around

remove all ivy and dirt, clean and wash floors, etc

put up siding

wrap windows around the corner

put windows up on the rear side

stack wood pieces

hoses? use or toss

find new owner for walnut table

move coffee table (or use within the space)

garden tools- space for them

wheelbarrow- space for it

fix cement of floor

paint door outside and in

paint walls white, then mural

paint floor/bamboo mats?

run electricity to the house


plant pyrethrum and mint around the house

There’s a lot to do, as you can see. I’m sure as we keep going, there may be more still. This is an ongoing list, not all the tasks on it are able to be accomplished yet.

Clutter Clearing pt. infinity+beyond

I washed the windows today, with water and vinegar. These are the windows which are leaving, by the way. My intention is to improve the light in the structure, which improves feng shui automatically. Better feng shui= better chance of success.

I also worked more on the coffee table. 🙂 I needed to do something to encourage myself. Clearing clutter can take a long time, it’s good to keep in positive spirits.

Better light, closer-to-complete art-table, and also: a clove garland! I tied cloves to a piece of yarn and strung them above the holly branches I put in a vase to deter mice. This addition marks THE first time anyone other than myself has walked in and commented *positively* about the smell.


🙂 Serenity Woman

Little House pt. 3

I have labored intensively! Over weeks! Sometimes I work on painting the glorious coffee table which is progressing nicely, don’t you think? Yes, it’s for sale. You can see I store it currently in the Little House. However, it shall be gloriously clean and stored elsewhere as soon as it’s done.

Well well, we’ve cleared out two broken/rusty/old white garden chairs (I disliked them because when I was about 4, one upended me into the grass), a rotten ladder, several old plastic bags smelling of animal urine, several recycle bins with mouse nests in them (eeeyuuuuchhhh), a deceased mouse, some random metal pieces, a flat dirty basketball, a drawer (from a set of…), a grate from a hibachi grill, a beach chair, anything I’m missing??

More serene already.

As for the mice problem- I looked it up online, apparently mice dislike mint, clove, and holly, and bounce fabric softener sheets. I shall craft sachets.