An Undivided Love

What kind of a god would want people to be divided and fighting one another?

I don’t believe that is what Jesus or God wants for us as humans. I don’t believe that sects dividing off of any faith please our Creator. From what I can tell about Love, Love wishes for us all to be deeply spiritually connected to Love and to each other.

Otherwise why do we seek connection in so many different ways? Social media, texting, inviting friends over, hosting events and gatherings, joining clubs and faith-based organizations. Of course there are as many more ways as there are people, probably.

We seek connection. We seek Love. Some of us seek God/Goddess/Spirit. And really it’s all one; connection is Love and God is Love.


‘Braving the Wilderness’ begins…

I recently ordered a copy of Brene Brown’s newest book ‘Braving the Wilderness’. I was introduced to her work by two dear friends about 5 years ago and it changed my life and the way I view myself. I say that completely naturally, no forcing it.

I absolutely began to live more authentically after reading ‘The Gifts of Imperfection’ and I am still reaping the benefits. I am more willing to speak up in a real way in any situation, whether with family or friends, or even people I don’t know. And people occasionally reflect back to me ‘Wow, you’re so Honest…’

Well, why aren’t we all? Talk about your emotions, right? Learn what they are, to start. The more we do this, it will help emotions to be less scary, and as a culture, we could begin to heal.

I kind of hate when people come out with ‘Wow you’re so honest’ because I keep hearing ‘You made me super uncomfortable!’ One of the gifts of vulnerability is being able to feel uncomfortable. It can be a safe place. Instead of running from one’s own feelings all the time, we feel them, and own them, and heal.

I’m no expert. I’m just learning, just like you are. I hope someone who finds this post welcoming will open up their heart space in the comments below.

Thank you.

Aww! So far today I have received two messages of gratitude for kind actions I performed. I was not expecting that!

I feel enlivened, like spring is kindling sunshine in my soul. I have been told that true happiness is doing good for others without any thought of return and I feel that today. I feel free to keep doing kind things and spreading joy.

I wonder if those people knew how much I needed that today; to hear that my actions have had a positive effect on someone.

Spiritual Healing: Rediscovering

I am reading a book called Rediscover Jesus. It is by Matthew Kelly and it is a very helpful book. I found it in the Little Free Library in my neighborhood, missing the first 30 pages but wonderful anyway. It showed up there just exactly when I needed it, exactly when I was yearning to connect with my deep faith remembered from my childhood again and wishing for a teacher in that.

On the way down the street driving to the airport I began to regret leaving it in my room and mentioned that to my Dad who was driving the car. He asked if I wanted to go back to get it. He turned the car around and I am so glad we went back, because the book helped me have faith through my flight and let go of the awful stress I generally feel about flying. I took the trip one moment at a time and trusted both in God and that I had prepared well for it.

That trip was so blessed and is the easiest transatlantic flight I have ever taken.

Anyway, I have begun doing the ‘prayer process’ outlined in the book. It is short and simple and yet so powerful. Each day I noticed that my interactions with others have improved and I am receiving a measure of grace with which to deal with life.

This is my short post for today.

May you be blessed.

Spiritual Healing

I’ve just added a new page, and I want to share with you about that.

I have recently realized that there are more ways than physical to get stuck in clutter! I am now devoting time and energy to healing myself spiritually (as well as my physical health) and I would love to share that journey with you.

So I will be writing occasionally (maybe daily? a person can dream!) about what I’m doing to heal and grow and I hope you’ll share your own progress with me!

So please check out that category heading as well. Maybe eventually I will learn how to post to the different categories depending on what I’m writing about.

Chair Rehab Genesis

Here I go, to refurbish a good solid chair!

I love good old furniture, such quality as isn’t typically seen in big box stores. Here’s a chair I’m working on.


And back in there, you can barely see the square bit of plywood I’m going to use for the seat.


I’ll purchase some foam and cover it, and add the fabric I have for the cushion.

I am so looking forward to this!! So far I’ve conditioned the wood a bit. I’ll keep you updated on my progress!

Also, I’m not sure yet whether I’m going to use a nice cream-colored upholstery fabric or a deep teal

Pictures to come!



So much progress has been made since these were taken but I will show you just ‘cuz I haven’t taken new ones yet!

This is NOT the final color of the exterior. It has since been painted and I can’t wait to show you what it looks like now.

Taken before winter set in 🙂

DSC_0286 DSC_0288

The latter two images are of the back of the house and back side corner, respectively. Love that wood there.


~Serenity Woman